To find your pooches size wrap a measuring tape around the area where their collar would ordinarily sit.

Allow for a few fingers space between collar and neck for a comfortable fit.

Small:        Adjustable from 250mm - 350mm / 25cm - 35cm

Medium:   Adjustable from 350mm - 450mm / 35cm - 45cm

Large:       Adjustable from 450mm - 550mm / 45cm - 55cm

Strapping width is 25mm / 2.5cm

Size may very slightly, as each item is handmade

 Below is a guide only - PLEASE MEASURE YOUR DOG

Small - Jack Russells, Miniature Schnauzer

Medium - French Bulldogs, Border Collies

Large - Golden Retrievers, Rough Collies



Leash length - 1.6m / 160cm 

Size may very slightly, as each item is handmade

After extensive testing and we found this was the best most practical length so that it wasn't to long that it dragged on the ground (or get caught up in the pram) but close enough to walk along side your buddy. 

As we custom make all our leads, don't hesitate to ask if there is a particular length you are after and we may be able to custom make you one to suit.